Friday, May 29, 2020

A House of Smoke and Mirrors: A Story of Family Secrets and Lies

A House of Smoke and Mirrors: 

A Story of Family Secrets and Lies 

A House of Smoke and Mirrors tells the story of a little girl named Annie growing up in a family home filled with secrets and lies. Annie's father walked out on the family when Annie was just five years old, leaving her heartbroken and devastated. Thinking nothing could compare to the loss of her father, Annie soon discovered she was horribly wrong, there are things far more damaging than abandonment. Shortly after her father leaves, Annie's brother began to take a deeper interest in her, a sinister interest involving physical abuse and molestation. In fact, he soon took over the whole family, lording over it in a monstrous fashion. A true story of tragedy and survival, this pulls back the curtain on family abuse in a way that only an insider could narrate.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Business Confusion: Prepare, Support and Maintain

Business Confusion: Prepare, Support and Maintain

If you are short on time and want to find out about business change management - why not try a semi-fictional story, with examples? 

This story is the sixth semi-fictional from the Carnsa Development Series. Learn about change models, long-term adoption, dealing with resistance, as a career option and more!
In this story, Claudia uses change models as a reference to support a large family change project. At the end of the story, there is a summary, the usual quiz to test your knowledge and some resources to continue your change knowledge journey.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Naiyro and the Beckoning Eroded Stone

The Naiyro and 

the Beckoning Eroded Stone 

The story speaks of an approaching danger towards the Milky Way, but halted before it was too late, however, nothing is always according to plan. The shield is weakening, but a creature called a Naiyro promises to fix the problem, except he can’t and needs a chosen one, to act on his behalf. The heavy task falls on Silic, but how will he proceed throughout his journey? Who shall he meet? A friend? A foe? And here I dare ask, will you be joining us and live the adventure, to discover another world beyond your reach?

The story has a mix of science fiction, adventure, fantasy, thriller and a bit of magic. A story you might not feel the passing of time, as you go through it.


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Take Some of Mine

Take Some of Mine

take some of mine
it's about the unspoken side of our teenage years
it's about growing up during what feels like a time of transition from disaster to disaster. it's about you, your friends, your lovers, your bullies, even the people you hate.
it's about all of us.

this is my story of suffering as a teenager
and I want you to make it yours.

- Owen

Take some of mine is available on most major booksellers, simply search!

Monday, May 25, 2020

The Trip to Redden Lake

Allison Fellman dreams of rabbits. Not the cuddly kind—the kind that kill. Her nightmares reveal fragments of a childhood memory which took place on the family farm. She remembers her parents were arguing; she ran outside into the darkness and there they were—watching her—laughing at her. Rabbits. Or were they men? Or demons? And to make matters worse, her dad went missing shortly after. Is there a connection?  

To put together the broken pieces of her past, she travels to the location where her dad was last seen, a scenic vacation spot called “Redden Lake.” A gambler and ruthless thug, few people of the isolated town have anything nice to say about him. Undaunted, she keeps asking around but only manages to get the attention of a masked man, who despite his odd appearance, is popular among the other cabin owners. 

A member of a mysterious underground club of people who wear animal masks, the intriguing stranger distracts her from the search for the truth as they explore his secret world, a world her dad once occupied. After a mutilated body is found in the forest, the masked man reveals his true violent nature and a need for revenge for his own troubled past. Will she be held to blame for her father’s misdeeds? 

Darkly humorous, unnerving, and tragic—The Trip to Redden Lake is an ominous tale that pushes the boundary between reality and self-deception.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Uncomfortable Truth: Hard Facts Plus Tips and Techniques For Advancing in God and Life!

The Uncomfortable Truth:

Hard Facts Plus Tips and Techniques

For Advancing in God and Life!

Telling the truth verses a comfortable lie has always been my motto. In this book I delve into the harsh realities of being black and a believer of the Bible. The uncomfortable truth is even though I'm a human being, a believer in God, I'm still a black man in America. The rulers of this world are trying their best to indoctrinate us all with types of lies jammed down our throats via television and social media. From toxic masculinity to the feminization of the black man. To using music and celebrities to inadvertently make our children clones of a negative stereotypical image, that if not corrected could lead to our ultimate downfall. This book is admittedly bold, a bit controversial to some and that's ok. Sometimes you have to stir the pot to get much needed conversations going on in the church and the world at large. In this book I'm raising the bar from your typical sugarcoated "Christian" literature you maybe used to. Today, everyone is overly concerned with being politically correct even as a believer. This is not the time to be passive when lives are literally being snatched away in the black community daily. Someone has to tell it like it is and I believe I was chosen to be that voice. To hear most scholars tell it black people weren't even significant in the Bible outside of being slaves in there too. And people wonder why some black people are not open to hearing the "Good News". To me the answer is simple if you can't relate, you can't participate. In addition to exposing some uncomfortable truths this book is filled with solutions. I've included tips, tricks and techniques to help you eliminate self defeating thoughts that hinder your progress. The purpose of this book is not to give you a reason to give up but a reason to get up! In spite of the obstacles you face just for being black we serve a mighty God who can and will tip the scales in your favor so you too can be a winner! 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Vengeance Overdue

Nothing can knock someone off their feet harder than discovering things about their family and their past they never knew existed. Cristian embarks on a journey to the Dominican Republic that will uncover the truth about his family and his ancestry he had no idea existed. His search for the truth will put his wife, his son, his career, and his very life at risk, as Cristian will stop at nothing on his quest to learn more about his past and his ancestry. Shocking secrets, unspeakable murder, lies, prison, and generations of failure will all be put to the test. Will Cristian find the truth he is looking for? Will the search for the truth lead to his own death?