Monday, October 21, 2019

Dance of the Heart

Dance of the Heart takes you on a relatable and heartfelt journey through everyday hardship and joy. Revealing heartbreak, confusion, and the unexplainable through poems, you are sure to be captivated while taking part in the soul-searching adventure contained within this collection.
Penned by a high school student who relates to searching for identity and trying to understand love, Dance of the Heart is a perfect balance between identification and inspiration. Grace VanSciver urges you to see the beauty in ordinary moments, seize the opportunities presented by life, and cherish important relationships.
Using incredible emotional perception and a deep understanding of human insecurity and doubt, Grace helps you consider your own feelings and perceptions in situations you encounter. She is thankful to all who have inspired her along the way and hopes that through her poetry, you also will be inspired to dance the dance of your heart.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

YOOTOOB! Susan's Day of Retribution

A satirical dystopian comedy book about the downfall of YouTube and its CEO Susan Wojcicki, full of dark humor and edgy comedy.

The year is 2025, mass shootings happen every hour by ethnic minorities always shifting the blame on white people, the new generation of people drink chocolate milk made out of elephant dung, the new president of the United States is a midget dressed like a clown, and YouTube is at the height of being the video platform monopoly after smashing alt-right video platforms like Bitchute and Vimeo. Everyone is making videos of themselves publicly shitting and pissing on grocery store products and then eating it all together as the new social media trend, Stephen Colbert has become Stephanie Colbert, a transgender furry woman, and is publicly posting his tranny furry porn videos on YouTube without punishment, and there are ads on YouTube about an app that lets you control the mind of top-tier Hollywood celebrities.

Susan Wojcicki is at the height of her company’s career at YouTube. Her platform got to an extreme point where every single individual content creator has been banned out of the platform and the only remaining content is from MSM and corporations. Even PewDiePie has been kicked off the platform. She is enjoying endless riches from kissing the ass of MSM all day, every day. But soon she’ll find out that karma will strike back at her faster than she manages to create one video for her YouTube channel.

Will the pressure generated by the general discontent of everyone in the planet drive Susan to the end of her career? Will every content creator she’s banned push her into her doom? Will the mistakes of Susan’s past haunt her into insanity? Presence the fall of a sociopathic vermin, the story of a corporate psychopath in her way to her final days.

In this satirical dystopian comedy novel, be warned! If this book ain't your cup of tea, leave!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Get A Real Job

Get A "Real" Job:

Memoirs, Stories, Tips & Crude Talk With a Semi Sober Waiter 

A lifer in the hospitality industry, Fred Joseph gives readers a candid and hilarious look into the highs and lows of tending bars and waiting tables in this new book. Part memoir, part cautionary tale, and full of humor, you will find yourself smiling with every word. As you read “Get A Real Job” you’ll find clever tales and interesting interactions including: What does it take to make a host from The View lose her mind in public?The Types of Customers We “Love” to ServeOn the generosity of Tom Cruise The 80 PercentersAnd much, much moreLet Fred guide you along the misadventures of his youth in his imitable style and eye for the amusing. If you are sick of gross-out restaurant books and want to enjoy a wild tale of one man’s brush with the rich and famous (as well as the poor and stupid), you’ll love, “Get A Real Job”!

Thursday, October 17, 2019


Introducing the first installment in the RAIN trilogy, An action-packed and unpredictable YA SUPERHERO FANTASY.  

For fifteen year old, Tyler Grey, the line between myth and reality is quickly blurred, when he inadvertently becomes the host to an ancient power. A power that puts him on the radar of not only a deadly black ops organization but also very old and malevolent beings, that are eager to see both it and him destroyed. 

He has but two choices: 
RISE up and FIGHT!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

SNAKE: The Second Revolution

No one is special

The Iraqi conflict drags on and the American public is tired.

Protests erupt. Uprisings ensue.

The U.S. Government attempts to silence it. Deploying some of their darkest experiments to quelch the opposition.

The rebellion sucked John in as a teen. He didn’t ask for it, 
but he keeps moving forward.

Years after his home is destroyed by the early stages of the oncoming war.

He is named head of the newly established elite unit COBRAS,
He drills his mentality into his Snakes.

No one is special.

Keep moving forward.

Torn between his loyalty to his word to uphold the constitution and his oath to protect the people

John will lead his team into the fires of hell as the country plunges into the second American revolution.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Magic Lessons

Celebratory and Cautionary Tales about Life as a

(Single, Gay, Transracially Adoptive) Dad 

Every family has a story--but very few have a story like Joseph Sadusky and his sons, Daveon and Mark. 

In Magic Lessons, Joe shares a look back as he, a single gay man, decided to build his family through transracial adoption. In a lighthearted collection of stories and lessons learned, Joe humorously but honestly describes the process as he set out to adopt two older children, and what happened after they came together under one roof and became "us."

Along the way, Joe details how often he was, in his own words, "amazed, aggravated, mind-blown, jaw-dropped, befuddled, exasperated, and awed-both in good ways and bad, both by my kids and by the many players who have had a part in our family story overall." 

By revealing lessons learned about being "other," as well as Joe's own parenting mistakes, Magic Lessons provides a guide for anyone who is part of, or considering, an alternative family structure.