Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tips on Humorous Fiction

Tips on Humorous Fiction
by Mary Simmers

A lace of comedy not only makes reading a piece enjoyable, it can potentially render it memorable. After all, how often do you read something that genuinely makes you laugh? If you want to inject some pieces of humor in your writing, the following tips should help you accomplish it.
Simple is good. The simplest jokes are always the funniest. That's because everyone can understand it without having to engage their thinking too much. While cerebral humor with plenty of layers does have its use, seldom is it the best option when your real goal is to elicit a chuckle. Spare the big words too - no one wants to be right next to a language checking software when they read.
Tickle yourself. Not literally. If you want to write with humor, you need to be in a humorous mode. Rollicking laughter is an emotional state and if you want the reader to go there, you should be familiar with it.
Play with the rules. Most writing will be bound by rules, either by the publication itself or by your prospective readers' expectations. Stretching those rules can be an occasion for a knowing smile. Do note the difference between bending and breaking, though.
Don't overdo it. Unless you're writing jokes for a compilation book, use humor strategically. Do too much and you can lose the whole point of the piece. There's a big difference between being a funny guy and a comedian. You want to be the former, not the latter.
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