Monday, November 17, 2014

100 Ways 100 Days

"Through mere existence alone, your life has changed the course of history. Today is your day."

As people look beyond fame and wealth to seek the most coveted treasure of all: contentment, it could be said that ‘happy is the new rich’. But it isn’t to be found in a bottle of pills, or magic words. The secret to happiness is hiding in plain view.

Misplaced your bliss?

 100 Ways 100 Days series explores joyful living through simple truths. With easy-to-understand examples, humorous anecdotes and instructive bible verses, you’ll quickly understand the vital role each of us plays in this world, and that self-acceptance is the key to long lasting contentment.

The first book in the series: Reflections on Creating a Happy Life, One Day at a Time, takes one hundred pieces of great advice for you to enjoy with each new day. Start your morning with a steaming cup of coffee, or Oprah Chai tea, a quiet minute to yourself and a fresh new outlook on life.

Your purpose is waiting to be found.

Author and motivational coach,
 Kadesh Simms, shows us how to shift our approach from a haphazard pursuit of happiness into a full embracement of our purpose. Each entry guides us on an intentional approach for that day, focusing on a single theme that will make you see your job, friends and family in a whole new light. 

Remember, the next hundred days is important for all of us. Will these days be the best you’ve lived yet? It's your day, and you’ve got a new champion in your corner.

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