Friday, November 14, 2014

Beautiful Romantic Poems for Lovers

Aaron and Serafina is a wonderful collection of poems written by Nina Kedar.  In this collection, the poems are written from the perspective of each of the two lovers.  Some poems come from the viewpoint of Serafina while others come from Aaron’s perspective.  This unique concept displays lessons in how to love, how to accept love and how to let be.  The poetry follows a seemingly linear progression.  Yet, the depth of Aaron and Serafina’s poems go far beyond logical understanding.  They are filled to the brim with beautiful and soulful emotion.  Their poems express their passion for one another on a physical level, but they, also, brilliantly convey their passion for one another on a soul deep level.

Nina Kedar does a wonderful job of showing just how love is truly an art.  She made me feel - truly feel - how much further it goes than just an emotion or something we say to one another.  Her poetry is so artistic and she drew such beautiful imagery in my mind as I read Aaron and Serafina that I felt their joy, their fear, their passion and their impending growth.  More than that, I felt love in my own heart and soul for my sweetheart.  These are poems that I can see, I can hear, and I almost feel being read from one lover to another in an effort to be incredibly romantic.  Kedar shares a tender and heartwarming interpretation of love, relationship, partnership and passion.  She clearly displays the spiritual and energetic nature of love.  Well done!

*Reviewed for Readers' Favorite by Janelle Alex

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