Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Can You Be Charmed By a Werewolf and a Curse?

Charmed by the Werewolf is captivating from the first few lines.  The words and pages are filled with magic.  This story is more than just magical creatures and the paranormal.  A surreal energy seems to seep into your soul simply by reading it.  Author Sandra Sookoo has crafted a charming, supernatural tale.  Xavier Leighton, a werewolf, has learned that Gatekeeper Sophia Raines is his life mate, but she doesn’t know that.  He needs her help to break his curse.  He does not want to live out the rest of his life as a werewolf.  However, Sophia is determined not to succumb to his charms whether it is to help him or to become his lover and mate.  Will Xavier be able to convince her?  The sparks fly between them, but will that be enough to sway Sophia into working towards building a sustainable relationship? 

Sookoo’s Charmed by the Werewolf goes way beyond a spicy romance.  I was nearly unable to put the book down.  I found it to be a fabulous page-turner.  With every chapter more and more fascinating layers of the plot were peeled back.  I could feel the raw power emanating from the werewolf energy within Xavier especially when his anger was set alight.  It was as though I could almost feel the irresistible draw to him that Sophia felt.  On top of that, the continual twists and turns drew me to read on and on until the fate of these two paranormal creatures was revealed by Sandra Sookoo.    

*Reviewed for Readers' Favorite by Janelle Alex

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