Monday, November 10, 2014

Light in the Night: Spirit Photography

Lois Anne Smith, a medium and healer, compiled a fantastic number of spiritual photographs in Light in the Night: Spirit Photography at The Cottage.  She starts off by explaining what she means by spirit photography.  There are thousands, maybe millions, of people who have claimed to capture pictures of orbs of light in their photos, and Smith writes about her skepticism and needing to see things for herself as well as her fascination with those little “orbs of light and other energies” that sometimes show up in photographs that the human eye were unable to detect.  Light in the Night includes wonderful descriptions of Spiritual Council Members, Joy Guides, Gnomes and more.  Inside you will discover captivating photographs that show far more than just a bunch of orbs picture after picture.  Smith shares some of her favorite photographs, which she personally took near and around the small cottage she built to serve her clients.

Light in the Night is a spiritual delight.  The pictures are intriguing and made me want to turn the page to see what other pictures Smith had chosen to share.  I loved the way she explained a number of different beings.  Some of Smith’s mist photographs were more than just puffy looking clouds though.  She enlightened me as I read her description of those pictures.  Light in the Night displays pictures of a fairy and animal totems as well as tons of orbs.  After reading Smith’s book and looking at her photos, I am looking forward to snapping some more pictures myself as I have captured orbs previously.  Just what else might I see in my own pictures now that I have read Lois Anne Smith’s perspective of the spiritual plane in Light in the Night?      

Reviewed by Janelle Alex for Readers' Favorite

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