Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mindfulness - How to Find Peace and Happiness Living In the Present Moment

Mindfulness is a philosophy of life that teaches the best way to live a wonderful and happy life is to live your life in the right here and right now. 
In the modern world we live in the exact opposite way. We are present everywhere except right here, right now. We can even say that we live according to the philosophy of mindlessness. 

Our mind wanders either in the memories of our past or in the dreams of our future. The present moment is considered too boring to merit our attention. We give it just enough attention to get by but not more. If we do become mindful of our present it depresses us because we realize that we have no control over our life. In a moment of rare clarity we see that our real life and our ideal dream life are worlds apart. To forget this depressing fact we seek distractions in the form of reality television shows, cute cat pictures, social media, alcohol, shopping, fast food, drugs and anything else that numbs us to the current moment. Anything that can help us forget our present is good enough for us. 

This is no way to live and you don't have to live this way. The mindfulness habit is the answer to all these problems. Mindfulness meditation has become popular but mindfulness is more than just another technique of meditation. In this book, I introduce to you the complete concept of mindfulness, not just as a meditation technique but also as a life philosophy. This book will help you understand what mindfulness is all about and how to apply it in every aspect of your life. 

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