Thursday, November 13, 2014

No More Ho-Hum Love Life...Make it Extraordinary

I recently reviewed this book for Readers' Favorite and loved it!
Intimacy and Relationship Specialist Maggie Bain has written a powerful and very helpful book for couples called Love on the Rock: Take Your Love Life from ‘Ho-Hum’ to Extraordinary.  She shares from her personal life in a way that helps keep Love on The Rock down to earth, and makes it evident that she understands on an individual level and on a couple level the various phases of relationship – the good, the amazing, the need for space and the unpleasant.  Bain expresses these various seasons, as she calls them, in ways that are unique and with concepts that are easy to grasp.  Throughout the book, at the end of each chapter, she shares a short checklist of how to love better.  These make for fabulous, quick and easy exercises couples and individuals can do. 

Maggie Bain cuts to the chase in Love on the Rock.  In fact, I found that her book is jammed packed full of wisdom and advice.  I really love the fact that she opened up and shared about her own relationship.  She didn’t just toss out general advice that is expected to work for every couple at every point in their relationship.  Instead, she explored possibilities across the expanse of a relationship.  As a fellow relationship expert, I truly appreciated this approach.  Love on The Rock is more than just a self-help book for couples.  It is fun to read from the unique twists that she puts on the word “rock” to her personal love story to the fun activities at the end of each chapter.     

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