Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life By Design

There are two groups of people in the world. One group spends most of their lives struggling to earn a living, and the second much smaller group seem to have everything going their way. Instead of just earning a living, they are working at building and enjoying a fortune. Everything just seems to work out for them. And here sits the much larger group, wondering how life can be so unfair, so complicated and unjust. What's the major difference?

Despite all of the factors that affect our lives; the country we were born in, the schools we attended, the amount of support we got from our family, none has as much potential power for affecting our futures as our ability to set clearly defined goals

In order to fully utilize the powers in setting goals, you must first truly understand the purpose of a goal and the mechanism that gives a goal such a great pull on our future.

This course will teach you the ancient truth of goal setting. Why and how it works. Understanding of the knowledge of goal setting will unleash a creative force that will enable you design the life you have always dreamed of.



  1. Great message, passionate, engaging and heart felt.

    The material was presented in a clear and concise manner, the quality of the content was fantastic - For myself and I think many others the message really hits home, and offers a clear and positive path of action to take for a brighter future.

    The lectures were powerful and presented with great timing and delivery, as well as concise and to the point.

    The workshops were engaging and allowed for an interactive element that really helps drill in the message.

    The instructors passion and heart felt delivery of the material made this already wonderful lecture, even that more engaging and infectious!

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