Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Wolf Warrior - Kayla Larson

We are excited to share a new author with you - Kayla Larson.  Today's episode focused on her novel Wolf Warriors.  The storyline is quite intriguing.  

Let us share a quick description: The gods are at war, The land of Argethlam is beset by hard times, and Atreyavahl is near collapse because of the assassination of their Queen Viesha a century before. A prophecy tells that the god of darkness, Ardeth Anubace’s Black Wolf will bring the fall of the Inner Kingdom and then Argethlam, leading the world into Ardeth’s rule. But Ramos Ra, the Sire-God, created his own champion, the White Wolf to defeat the Black Wolf and purge the land of Ardeth’s curse. Mercenary daemon Debello has wandered Argethlam for 100 years with amnesia. He searches for the only clue to his past, a daemon named Vaulx. Once pieces start to come together, Debello soon realizes his forgotten memories were to a life hidden in the Inner Kingdom of Atreyavahl. And that he may indeed be one of the Wolves of the prophecy. But which one? Ardeth’s Black Wolf, a paragon of death and destruction? Or Ra’s White Wolf, the only hope Debello’s world has? Is Debello Life…or Death? Author Kayla Larson brings a new world to stark life surrounded by ever present death in her debut novel and the first in a series. THE WOLF WARRIORS from Pro Se Productions. - From Amazon :)  
wolf warriors final cover
We asked Kayla what tips she might share with other newer authors.  She laughed at one point asked if she could share that caffeine keeps her  Zing!  A piece of advice that she shared that we found to be huge is to commit to writing every evening even if what you write doesn't end up in your book.  The point is to keep the creative juices flowing.  Therefore, even if you write a daily blog post, you are writing are you not? Yep - writing and keeping the channel open.
Often you hear people tell you to never give up, but Kayla is a wonderful example of that.  She shared with us that it actually took her around 10 years to get this first story in writing and released.  Does it have to take 10 years?  No.  But, if it does, so what?  Never give up your dream!
On a last note, she shared that some of her favorite resources are Google and Facebook. Nowadays, some might think those are obvious resources, but many people would not think of them.  So, we really loved that Kayla shared the importance of these excellent tools and resources.  Her other favorite tool is Open Office. :)
So, grab a cup of joe, get a pen and paper, jump online and get busy!  There is no better time to start than right now.  Well....after you listen to our interview with Kayla!

Kayla Larson has been writing most of her life. A bookworm at a young age, she grew into the art and passion of storytelling, starting with short stories and later creating novels and writing fanfiction. All of these old tales of which can be found in hundreds of notebooks stashed away in many boxes. She has written poetry, skits, and newspaper articles. She takes inspiration for a number of authors and holds dear her autographed photo of her favorite – Dean Koontz. She enjoys fantasy, science fiction, westerns, mysteries…anything that can whisk her away to another world.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Stonegate Sword

Can one man shape the future of a continent?

A global plague has resulted in the collapse of civilization and society has reverted to living in medieval times, where technology is a thing of folklore. Grass grows in the streets and rusted hulks are all that remain of the Old Empire’s machines. Now, the Prophet's armies are coming, filled with hatred and fortified with rediscovered weapons capable of mass destruction. The free towns of the rugged mountains and plains are in the path of his conquest and must prepare for the worst.

Amid these rumors of war, Donald of Fisher, a lore-man by trade, survives an attack from the Raiders and finds shelter in Stonegate; an eastern walled city in what was once North America. His skills are pushed to the limit as he trains for battle with the cavalry, but he progresses swiftly up the military ranks. Meanwhile, he has fallen in love with one of Stonegate’s citizens, a rare beauty named Rachel. After his error in judgment when the city is ambushed, Donald is devastated when he fails to save Rachel’s family and they are slaughtered. Rachel survives, but he loses her when she is captured by the Raiders.

Now he must prepare for the greatest challenge of his life. Donald heads into a vast wilderness teeming with ruthless warriors to search for the woman he loves and, not only must he battle the enemy, he must overcome a war raging within. His fear of losing Rachel and the nightmare of making a similar mistake in battle again haunts him. Even if he succeeds, will she ever find it in her heart to forgive him? He needs to muster the courage of again leading his men against the Raiders. Will Donald live up to an ancient prophecy and protect his people, or will his personal struggles cause his downfall?

Danger, love, war and redemption abound in the exciting world of The Stonegate Sword, an eloquent portrayal of turmoil, consequences, romance, courage, bravery and suspense by award-winning finalist Harry James Fox, author of Cross Currents.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Twisted - Michaelbrent Collings

Do you like horror stories?  I, Janelle, admit I like suspense, but I have never been a big fan of horror or scary stories.  However, when we sat down with Michaelbrent Collings he certainly twisted my view ;)  In fact, he helped me view horror stories in a whole new light.  I am not saying I am going to run out (or jump on my Kindle) and start filling my library with horror, but I will no longer simply turn away from it just because of the genre. 

I guess I feel a bit embarrassed that I had shunned horror for the most part until this conversation. Now the psychologist in me is fired up and I want to not only talk to more horror writers, but I want to read more of their work.  Of course, this doesn't outweigh my favorite genres, but I can't express enough how this one author shifted my perspective. If you like horror, you will LOVE Michaelbrent.  If you don't like horror, then I still tell you that you will LOVE Michaelbrent and this interview. 

This is a MUST listen to show today! 


What is this particular book about? 

The Douglas family just wants to live their lives, and maybe find a bit of happiness. But when the ghost in their home breaks out of a centuries-long sleep, all hope for happiness will die. Because the thing that haunts them is not just evil... It is something much, much worse. Watching them from the shadows. Hungry to start killing once more. And thirsty for the blood of the children, the blood he has so long been denied. The thing that haunts them is not just evil. It is twisted.
Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally bestselling novelist, a #1 bestseller in the U.S., and has been one of Amazon's top selling horror writers for years. He is one of the most successful indie horror writers in the United States, as well as a produced screenwriter and member of the Writer’s Guild of America, Horror Writers of America, and several other writing groups.  Discover more at

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kiss of Death - Sandra Ely

Brand new author, Sandra Ely shared with us how she loves horror novels and Stephen King. One of her reviewers commented, "'Hey, Sandra must be a vampire too, otherwise there is no way she can describe with so much detail what a vampire feels.' So, I guess she is either a vampire or a very good writer." During our conversation she shared with us that at the heart of romance is the recognition that everyone has a past, and it is important to let go of the past.  In Kiss of Death, Sandra's characters have to come to this realization, too, if they want to relish in life and relationship.
  kod cover attempt 12 
Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 1.35.27 PM
A stay at home wife and mother of two incredible boys, Sandra Ely enjoys writing fiction dealing with supernatural aspects. She is an up-and-coming new author, specializing in romance, fantasy and horror.
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Colour of Grace

Description of the story… The Colour of Grace.

What follows is written to be a love story. It is a work of fiction but I have tried to reflect as accurately as I can remember, the attitudes and opinions pervading at the time it is set, in the 1970s.

Immigration may be an issue for some people in the 21st century but in the 1970s (Please see Preface) the influx of people with a different skin colour set alarm bells ringing, especially in urban areas.  
Will they move in next door? 
And if so, will the value of my house go down? 
Will they be working side by side with me?
Grace Walker is a young, capable, and beautiful, black woman in a white dominated world, driven by her need to be accepted and to prove she is as good a teacher as anyone, black or white.
Others have different agendas so she finds herself, unwittingly and unwillingly, in a difficult situation, and there is only one man who can help her out of it, if she is not to suffer…
However, he has issues of his own to resolve and to question if he can trust in love again, so is he man enough for her?…

The chemistry of love transcends all and does not respect class, race or social boundaries, so how will the story end?

 Can love conquer all?

Prologue: The Colour of Grace

What follows is written to be a love story. It is a work of fiction but I have tried to reflect as accurately as I can remember the attitudes and opinions pervading at the time it is set, in the 1970s.
The 1970s were a time of social/political unrest in the UK, apart from the continuing difficulties in Northern Ireland; the three day week followed the first miners’ strike of 1972, and there was a lot of other industrial unrest which possibly paved the way for the Thatcherite Britain of the 1980s.  
In 1972 Idi Amin ordered the expulsion of all Asians from Uganda, many of whom came to Britain. This with the indigenous population of West Indians and Africans gave rise to some people’s concerns about the integration of non- whites into English society.
The ‘debate’ took the form of speeches by politicians such as Enoch Powell, but it was also reflected in such television programmes as Till Death Us Do Part and Love Thy Neighbour, both BBC sitcoms. These  followed on the heels of more ‘serious’ comedies such as Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, which dealt with the very issue of inter-racial relationships and marriages. There was serious deprivation and prejudice in many black areas resulting in resentment that eventually surfaced in riots in Bristol in 1980, then in Brixton in 1981. 
I wish to stress that the negative and prejudicial comments made by certain characters in no way reflect my views on the matter; we are all God’s creation and my view is stated by Daniel when he laments to Grace, people should be not be judged by the colour of your skin but by the quality of your heart.’  The majority of them are conjecture- what might have been said in the context of the story, reflecting the views of people at that time. However the one comment that is true is the one made about the young black girl struggling with maths, as that was the comment made when as a young teacher I asked for guidance from a more experienced superior!   
The chemistry of love transcends and does not respect class, race or social boundaries, so I have not given the story an ending as such… I leave the reader to be optimistic about the characters’ future, as love can conquer all!

The story? Ah, yes, the story…

Grace Walker is a young, capable, and beautiful, black woman in a white dominated world, driven by her need to be accepted and to prove she is as good a teacher as anyone, black or white.
She finds herself, unwittingly and unwillingly, in a difficult situation, and there is only one man who can help her out of it if she is not to suffer…
However, he has issues of his own to resolve and to question if he can trust in love again, so is he man enough for her?…

The author.

A Review: 
I found this to be a light-hearted romance, highlighting the prides and prejudices of the whites AND the blacks (and even 'petulances' if that's even a word) during the 1970s. It's written in dialogue, which makes the reader feel they're a 'fly on the wall' - so it's quite immersive. I normally never read fiction, so this was a big change for me. A very pleasant, 'easy read'.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Trouble On The High Seas - Mission Date Night

The Mission Date Night Adventures series is a fun and exciting way for couples to spend quality time together.  Unlike most normal date night, Mission Date Night Adventures give you many different tasks to complete during your evening out.  Combining your date night experience, with a bit of soft role-play, and pinch of scavenger hunt.  Each Mission is constructed to throw you into the role of secret agents working together to foil the plot of a villain, and along the way you will create a date night that you will not forget for a long time.  

This Adventure, Trouble On The High Seas will have you working against Dr. Stagnant and his nautical efforts to keep relationships boring and dull.  With Your help the Federation of Relationship Bliss (FRB) can show couples all over the world just how fun and exciting date nights can be.  Setting sail in this adventure is just the tip of the iceberg.  Once you have completed your portfolio of tasks you will have began filling your file with evidence of how great of work you two agents do together.  Complete the assignments from the FRB and you will be rewarded with an exercise to build your relationship and an intimate exercise to connect you two agents like never before.  

This mission should you choose to except it will help keep your relationship from just floating along.  It will put you in the driver's seat of a relationship speed boat hurling through the sea of date night excitement.  

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crime Doesn't Pay...Or So They Say

We so often hear the cliché, "Crime doesn't pay."  But, what if it did?  WAIT...!  We are NOT talking about you committing a crime nor are we talking about living a life of crime. Instead, we are talking about how some of the biggest criminals in our recent history (Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Scott Peterson, etc.) have fascinated our guest today in such a way that she interviewed them (mostly via written correspondence), so that she could share their story. True crime writer, Donna Thomas, recently released a new book, Intended for Mature Audiences.  She learned of a murder involving an adult film star.  Donna actually knew the murder victim, and wanted to know what really happened.  The fact that it involved someone in the adult film industry is just an added a piece (a spicy piece or a shameful piece depending on your personal view).
Donna Thomas    

After years of interviewing a long list of individuals that are imprisoned for murder, she has come to find it quite interesting that all of these individuals have some in common.  Something that you might not think about.  They all have "very neat handwriting".  Donna believes that perhaps it has to do with wanting to maintain control. But, how does she get the opportunity to interview these unfortunately famous murderers?

Well, she simply finds a case that she is interested in, discovers where the convicted is imprisoned, and writes him (her) a letter saying she wants to write a story from his perspective.  Sometimes, she might opt to contact the accused's family or the victim's family.  It just depends. So, there's a great tip for you.  When you want to know something, just ask.  You may get no response.  You may get "no". Or, you may get a response.

Has this book intrigued you?

Murder in Denver.
From the cornfields of Nebraska to the top rung as a rising star of the adult porn industry, Timothy John Boham had everything a young man could ask for; including a beautiful young daughter. The fall from the top of the ladder to the depths of prison was short and steep as in one rash moment with one wrong decision, Boham lost it all. Seasoned true crime writer Donna Thomas spent countless hours with the subject Timothy John Boham. Thomas also worked for a period of time for the deceased victim John Paul Kelso. As only a gifted author such as Thomas can, she takes the readers on this sometimes very perilous—but fascinating and entertaining—journey of adult film star Timothy J. Boham AKA Marcus Allen as his thirst and hunger for fame and adulation explodes into chaos, love, loss and murder!

Noted non-fiction author, Donna Thomas, is a seasoned true crime writer. She has interviewed dozens of high profile criminals including Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson, John Gotti, Henry Hill, Scott Peterson and many others. She regularly appears on radio and television as an expert commentator on true crime. Today we are talking to her about her book Intended for Mature Audiences. In this book, she guides the readers as they have a peek into the erratic career of a well-known adult film star.
Janelle + Rob