Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crime Doesn't Pay...Or So They Say

We so often hear the cliché, "Crime doesn't pay."  But, what if it did?  WAIT...!  We are NOT talking about you committing a crime nor are we talking about living a life of crime. Instead, we are talking about how some of the biggest criminals in our recent history (Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Scott Peterson, etc.) have fascinated our guest today in such a way that she interviewed them (mostly via written correspondence), so that she could share their story. True crime writer, Donna Thomas, recently released a new book, Intended for Mature Audiences.  She learned of a murder involving an adult film star.  Donna actually knew the murder victim, and wanted to know what really happened.  The fact that it involved someone in the adult film industry is just an added a piece (a spicy piece or a shameful piece depending on your personal view).
Donna Thomas    

After years of interviewing a long list of individuals that are imprisoned for murder, she has come to find it quite interesting that all of these individuals have some in common.  Something that you might not think about.  They all have "very neat handwriting".  Donna believes that perhaps it has to do with wanting to maintain control. But, how does she get the opportunity to interview these unfortunately famous murderers?

Well, she simply finds a case that she is interested in, discovers where the convicted is imprisoned, and writes him (her) a letter saying she wants to write a story from his perspective.  Sometimes, she might opt to contact the accused's family or the victim's family.  It just depends. So, there's a great tip for you.  When you want to know something, just ask.  You may get no response.  You may get "no". Or, you may get a response.

Has this book intrigued you?

Murder in Denver.
From the cornfields of Nebraska to the top rung as a rising star of the adult porn industry, Timothy John Boham had everything a young man could ask for; including a beautiful young daughter. The fall from the top of the ladder to the depths of prison was short and steep as in one rash moment with one wrong decision, Boham lost it all. Seasoned true crime writer Donna Thomas spent countless hours with the subject Timothy John Boham. Thomas also worked for a period of time for the deceased victim John Paul Kelso. As only a gifted author such as Thomas can, she takes the readers on this sometimes very perilous—but fascinating and entertaining—journey of adult film star Timothy J. Boham AKA Marcus Allen as his thirst and hunger for fame and adulation explodes into chaos, love, loss and murder!

Noted non-fiction author, Donna Thomas, is a seasoned true crime writer. She has interviewed dozens of high profile criminals including Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson, John Gotti, Henry Hill, Scott Peterson and many others. She regularly appears on radio and television as an expert commentator on true crime. Today we are talking to her about her book Intended for Mature Audiences. In this book, she guides the readers as they have a peek into the erratic career of a well-known adult film star.
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