Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Comforting Those with Alzheimer's and Those Who Love Them. Powerful Book of Poetry.

Blue. River. Apple.  an exploration of Alzheimer's through poetry

Full of life, love, joy and humor, Nancy Nelson is facing her diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's in a unique and powerful way.  Her book, Blue. River. Apple. an exploration of Alzheimer's through poetry, is an eloquent compilation of her poetry written in the wee and darkest hours of morning.  Her heartwrenching and profound words will help others "breathe courage" and "splash on a smile" as they comfort those with the disease and those who love them.  In Nancy's words, her poetry will "Comfort her. Comfort me."  With a passion and deeper purpose to alleviate the pain, fear, frustraton and shame that others experience around Alzheimer's and dementia, Nancy offers a "right of passage through the fog" within the pages of versuses in Blue. River. Apple.

Her poems are filled to the brim with her heartfelt emotions from fear to joy to anger to gratitude.  Nancy Nelson offers all of us a beautiful gift as she takes us by the hand and walks us alongside her in her journey of early-onset Alzheimer's. Reading Blue. River. Apple. will bring you to tears, but it will bring a laugh or two as well.  Most importantly her words will help pull back the heavy velvet curtain of humiliation and shine a spotlight on the dreadful grip Alzheimer's has on the brain. In today's world, almost everyone knows someone who has or had this terrifying disease.  It truly is a dis-ease.  Nancy's transparent sharing brings everyone involved - man, woman, and child - a safe supportive space to embrace their experience with this rocky path that many are forced to travel.

There is no question.  Blue. River. Apple. an exploration of Alzheimer's through poetry by Nancy Nelson is a must read and a must share.  Why?  In the words of Nancy, "Tomorrow I may not know you but that doesn't matter...you will know me."

**Reviewed originally by Janelle Alex, Ph.D. for www.AuthorsTalkAboutIt.com

Nancy Nelson is one of twelve advocates speaking on behalf of the Nat’l Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Group recruiting, mobilizing and activating people across the nation to advance Alzheimer’s awareness and make it a priority for our nation through legislation at the federal and state levels.  Recently diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's, she wrote Blue. River. Apple., which is a beautiful book of poetry exploring Alzheimer's.

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