Monday, November 30, 2015

Sonja Landis - Sexy, Funny and A Drinker of Cocktails

Sonja Landis. Comedy Writer. Hot Mess. Professionally Unprofessional. CEO of not having her shit together, and not wanting to. Best-Selling Author in five categories, making her officially smarter and more successful than she looks. 

Her new nonfiction comedy memoir: The Anti-Officer, available now on

Saturday, November 28, 2015

J.K. Rowling is also Robert Galbraith?

I loved this report on on the fact that J.K. Rowling is actually writing under the name Robert Galbraith also.  So as an adult if you loved the writings of Rowling then you might just find Robert Galbraith's writing to cast a similar spell on you.  

Friday, November 27, 2015

Angry Granny The Newest Thing In Children Books

Hilarious adventures abound as Granny comes to live with her grandson and his parents. It is rarely an easy transition when aging parents and grandparents find they need to live with their children, and Angry Granny is no exception. But, on top of Granny's declining memory, she has lost her filter. So, be prepared because even though her grandson isn't used to hearing curse words Angry Granny is about to change that as she regularly let's the a-word fly. It's cute. It's funny. And, it's touching as the experience of having Angry Granny in the house will take you from laughing to saying "oh my" and right back to giggling again.  

Rob Alex and Boegley Alex co-wrote Angry Granny, but it all started when Daddy (Rob) started telling Angry Granny bedtime stories to Boegley. The laughter and giggles that poured forth from the bedroom could be heard all the way downstairs. After a few weeks and a long list of Angry Granny adventures, this father-son duo decided to share their knee slapping and sometimes shocking stories with the world. Get ready because these two will take you on quite a journey alongside Angry Granny, and they just may share more of Granny's adventures as time goes by.

Available Dec 1, 2015

You can also support Angry Granny by supporting this HeadTalker Campaign

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Down Set Hut - The Untold Story of College Football

Down Set Hut - The Untold Story of College Football
Down Set Hut
Book Description:

“Down, Set, Hut” illuminates the real world of college football. Learn about all the human drama that accompanies the high stakes world of America’s favorite sport. Charlie is trying to lead the Puma college football team to a championship that could change lives forever. Is the building pressure and stress too much for him? Mary tries to be the supportive college sweetheart, but it is not as easy as she thought. Will their relationship make it through the season? Blake chases his dream of becoming a head coach. April has to decide if her husband’s dream is her own. Or is being a coach’s wife too much for her to handle? Can their marriage survive the constant tug of war between football and family life? Follow these characters through all the trials and tribulations of a college football season and find out if the Puma can reach their goals and win that elusive championship.

Janelle Alex Ph.D.'s Review:

Wow! What a fascinating story. If you love college sports, especially if you love football, you will easily become wrapped up in Matthew William Nighswonger's fictional story, Down Set Hut: The Untold Story of College Football. Nighswonger shares two stories in one within Down Set Hut. Charlie had dreams of being offensive team captain, and when that dream came to fruition he was ecstatic. Blake Jones had big dreams of being head coach, so when he was offered a promotion to be defensive coordinator he jumped at the opportunity. What Charlie and Blake weren't fully prepared for was the intensity of the added pressure, commitment and responsibility that these new roles added to their already full plates. Charlie had school, a casual girlfriend and his future to consider. Blake had a wife, new son and a big mortgage to take care of. These added pressures and responsibilities brought about new challenges for both of them. The big question for both was whether or not they could make the right choices for their personal dreams as well as for their romantic relationships.

Down Set Hut: The Untold Story of College Football offers you more than just a peek behind the curtains of the trials and tribulations of attaining one's dreams. Matthew Nighswonger gives you a chance to immerse yourself into the experiences of both Charlie and Blake, but he also gives you a chance to grasp what Mary and April, their beloved partners, felt, too. With great detail and intense writing, Nighswonger has written an amazing story that is rarely found. Embrace what college football is really like through Matthew Nighswonger's prose, and Down Set Hut will lead you to never view college football quite the same again.


Matthew is a teacher and coach in Las Vegas, Nevada. Matthew is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, where he graduated from East High. He has a Master’s Degree and teaches college level, AP classes. He played college football at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah and at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. He was team captain and team MVP for both schools. He is married to his wonderful wife, Laurie and he has an awesome son named, Lance. Learn more at

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Kindle Book That Sets Your Relationship On Fire

Click on the book above to start turing your kindle into a intimacy building machine.  

Sexy Challenges Sacred and Sensual Experiences for Lovers

Book Description: 

Sex can be just sex. The mechanics of it can be planned out and the outcome you desire can be achieved as a purely physical act. It is possible that this can leave you feeling wonderful and physically connected with your partner. But, what if it could be so much more? What if the pleasure you feel now could be doubled, tripled or increased beyond belief? Would you want to experience that? Sexy Challenges can take you to a place where sensual love and sacred sex combine to form an experience that lifts you to new heights. Your experiences can move beyond just the physical. You might be surprised to learn that each orgasm you share with your beloved actually contains the vastness of the Universe. Inside this exciting book, you will discover fifty sexy challenges. These encompass a wide range of experiences. Through the fun, laughter, communication, romance and passion of these challenges the connection with your partner can become more powerful than you ever expected. You can touch the untouchable. The god or goddess within you can be revealed.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Paycheck Investor's : Personal Finance

Jo had always dreamed of being a successful investor. Sadly, luck, the economy and poor planning derailed his dream, and set him on a path of mundane 'sameness.' Fortunately, that all changed when he bumped into Sally: an old friend with an eye for numbers and a brain for finances. The two soon started a weekly conversation that has spilled over into this book - a conversation that can help you get control of your finances, now. 

This conversation was life-changing for Jo, and it will be for you as well. With easy-to-understand math and simple steps, this book breaks down the basics of our daily finances - and how to get control of them. From grasping our spending habits, creditworthiness, interest debts and our financial situation, Sally covers it all. Needs, Wants, Savings: there is a place for all of it in our lives, yet most of us don't really know what place that should be. 

As the old saying goes, knowledge is half the battle - this book will arm you with that knowledge, and the skills, to win the rest of the fight. Jo is well on his way to conquering his daily financial struggles, and with this guide - you will be, too

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Your Hair is a Symbol of YOU!

Mind Your Hair
Patrice post

Book Description:

Give your life a makeover!
We’re all fascinated with the concept of the makeover. The media is pushing it as the quick fix, but that avoids the real issue and sweeps it under the rug. A hair or fashion makeover on the outside will only be as successful as the mindset and attitude changes you make on the inside. 

Change of any kind, no matter what, should come from your mind and grow into a well-adjusted decision before any type of physical transformation. This thought-provoking book will guide you through the journey of transforming not only your style, but your life!

"Your hair is the symbol of who YOU are." - Patrice Bisiot  
It is vital that you trust your hair stylist. After all, who do you willing allow to touch your hair? There is a level of intimacy created with your hairstylist, but consider this even on a deeper level...those that you need to trust the most and allow the closest to you - how do you go about developing that relationship?  Mind Your Hair takes you on a journey that is much deeper than just the way your hair looks :)

The Mastermind behind Mind Your Hair: Patrice Bisiot

French native Patrice Bisiot moved to the US from Paris to pursue his dream of becoming a master hairstylist. His experience, education, and dedication have earned him worldwide recognition as a top expert in his field. His clientele includes celebrities, models, and entertainment industry professionals. When not practicing his craft, he travels the world giving seminars and lectures, spreading his passion for the career he loves.

During his rare free time, Patrice relaxes by painting in his own unique style, with oil being his favorite medium. He also enjoys a wide variety of music and movies and can spend an afternoon engrossed in the big screen. Still a kid at heart, he loves Marvel superheroes and reads the comic books whenever he can. As he says, “It’s in my DNA—because I love the idea of saving the world, making sure everyone is okay. I always want to know how I can help, what I can do to fix the situation.” He often donates his time with different charities, usually those that focus on helping children in some way.

Currently Patrice lives a bicoastal life, with residences in Beverly Hills and Manhattan.
Learn more at

Get your copy of Mind Your Hair.

Rob and Janelle Alex, Ph.D. of Authors Talk About It

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015



This wonderful children’s book tells the story of two adorable aliens who crash land into a family’s backyard. They meet a young boy, Adam, who promises to help the two find their friends, who were separated from them in the crash. Together, they fly across the world to search for their friends. The three of them travel to many different places, such as Tokyo, Paris, and even the Arctic! Will they find their friends and repair their spaceship?

This adorable tale of friendship is part of the first volume in a series of children’s stories. It is ideal for reading to your children at bedtime or to keep them entertained during a rainy day or on a road trip!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Learn Body Language to Help With Book Sales

We recently got to interview Vanessa Van Edwards on our Mission Date Night Podcast and she talked to us about body language and how important it is in every thing we do.  The segment above tell you how to match your body language to that of a leader.  Great information to have and it can be used in your relationships, marketing, book publishing etc.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Chapel of Eternal Love: Fictional Vegas Wedding Tales

The Chapel of Eternal Love
Fictional Vegas Wedding Tales
 Makes for a great gift for the holidays :)
Stephen Murrary
Book Description:
Known for its lavish hotels and casinos, beautiful showgirls and sumptuous buffets, Las Vegas is home to an abundance of wedding chapels. Follow Rosemary, the wedding organizer, and Buster, her dachshund with a nose for matrimony, as they guide you through the fictional stories of The Chapel of Eternal Love. Witness a Harley-riding love affair and a May-December romance. Meet a widow and widower who encounter each other at a cemetery and an Iraqi veteran and his anti-war activist bride. Walk down the aisle with two lost souls who find hope and a couple with differing religious backgrounds finding faith. Share the poignant, moving and occasionally humorous tales of the young and old, first-time sweethearts and long-lost loves. Discover the joys, sorrows and journeys that led each of them to The Chapel of Eternal Love.

Janelle Alex Ph.D.'s Review

Ever wonder why someone gets married in Vegas in a little wedding chapel? Well, Stephen Murray has filled his book, The Chapel of Eternal Love, with fictional wedding tales set in a Las Vegas chapel. The fascinating characters in the story give you some insight into what might be going through the couples' hearts and minds. Murray has a way with words that easily expresses the individual emotions and depth of love of his fictional couples. He kicks off the story sharing a bit of background on the chapel as well as who founded it. Then, he moves forward by sharing the deep love the current owner continues to have, even after two decades, for this charming and beautiful spot to join together those in love. The stories, as well as the ages, religions, and backgrounds of the couples in The Chapel of Eternal Love gracefully move from one end of the spectrum to the other. Yet, what really got me is how quick and easy it was to grow emotionally attached to each and every character in The Chapel of Eternal Love. It is amazing how Murray is able to enrapture readers so swiftly. Readers will long for the sequel as the curiosity to know what becomes of these adorable, powerful, sweet, and delightful characters is quite compelling.

Elegantly written, The Chapel of Eternal Love offers readers the chance to embrace a vast expanse of love and loss from a bird's eye view. Hands down, Stephen Murray has created a series of beautiful love stories that flow gently from one to the other. On top of that, there is an interesting perspective that has, perhaps, a metaphysical feel as Buster, the chapel owner's little dog, always seems to know which couples will have a harmonious love and which ones may not. Buster adds an extra fun little piece to the stories within the story. Stephen Murray's The Chapel of Eternal Love is riveting in a way that will have your heartbeat swaying as gently as flower petals in a warm summer breeze. It is a must have for your romance library!

Stephen Murray was born in England and raised in different countries throughout Southern Africa. Upon completion of his high school education, he returned to England before moving to California in 1976. He has traveled extensively throughout the world. Stephen owns a computer software company. Apart from traveling and writing, he enjoys theatre, concerts, music, reading and current affairs. Stephen is currently working on a sequel and is also nearing completion on another work of fiction – a murder mystery. He makes his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he has lived since May 2003. Learn more at

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Interview with Game Of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin

Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin speaks about his amazing book and how he became an author. 



Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Sanctum of Souls - The Gadrionis Chronicles - Book One

Marcus Ryan is a mage – with an aversion to magic. For the last twenty years, he’s done everything possible to steer clear of spells and the tutors employed to instruct in their usage.

All the cheerful young noble wants is to be left in peace to be the oddball everyone thinks he is.

However, a brief meeting with an emotionless stranger, and an evening when events spiral out of his control, changes everything – past, present, and future.

Called upon to put right an ancient injustice, Marcus will have no choice but to arm himself with the one thing he hates most.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Laura Corn and Sexy Challenges, Two Great Books For Better Intimacy

One of the biggest influences on Sexy Challenges was Laura Corn, her book 101 Nights of Great Sex sparked something deep inside me.  That desire to make love more passionate and romantic, yet making it fun and exciting all at the same time.  If you have never picked up a copy of Laura's book 101 Nights of Great Sex you should.  Because it started the amazing rise of Sexy Challenges.  Now you can enjoy both...

Get your copy of Sexy Challenges first 50 Challenges all in one book all for a super low price by clicking on the links below...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Andy Weir and "The Martian"

Love this interview with Andy Weir as scientists question him about the accuracy of his novel. 

Need Help Promoting your book?  
Authors Talk About It has you covered.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sharing Your Talent Is Important - Thank You Authors

What are your talents?  We all have amazing talents yet so many of us are wasting them.  One thing you have to remember that is if you are hiding away your talent you are depriving the world of your special gift.   So we are encouraging people to take a stand and start sharing your talent.  Get your passion to the world because we want to see it.  

Here is a great place to start sharing your talents: 

 Omnii Shop: Everything from handcrafted items, baked goods, to metaphysical help, services from artisans around the world – all in one place! Share your expertise, learn from others, give a voice and profit from your passion. Set up shop today!

Share Your Talents Today!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beer Me!

With so many beer choices it is no wonder Hipsters love beer.  This video by the crew at Nacho Punch sums up the attraction.  

Hipsters Also Love Mission Date Night Adventures.

The Mission Date Night Adventures series is a fun and exciting way for couples to spend quality time together. Unlike most normal date nights, Mission Date Night Adventures give you many different tasks to complete during your evening out. You get to combine your date night experience with playing the role of spy while taking on a mission. 

Each Mission is constructed to throw you into the role of secret agents working together to foil the plot of an evil villain, and along the way you will create a date night that you will not forget. 

The first adventure released, Trouble On The High Seas, will have you working against Dr. Stagnant and his nautical efforts to keep relationships boring and dull. With your help the Federation of Relationship Bliss (FRB) can show couples all over the world just how fun and exciting date nights can be. Setting sail in this adventure is just the tip of the iceberg. Complete the assignments from the FRB, and you will be rewarded with an exercise to build your relationship as well as an intimate exercise to connect the two of you like never before. 

This mission, should you choose to accept it, will help keep your relationship from just floating along. It will put you in the driver's seat of a relationship speed boat hurling through the sea of date night excitement.