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Down Set Hut - The Untold Story of College Football

Down Set Hut - The Untold Story of College Football
Down Set Hut
Book Description:

“Down, Set, Hut” illuminates the real world of college football. Learn about all the human drama that accompanies the high stakes world of America’s favorite sport. Charlie is trying to lead the Puma college football team to a championship that could change lives forever. Is the building pressure and stress too much for him? Mary tries to be the supportive college sweetheart, but it is not as easy as she thought. Will their relationship make it through the season? Blake chases his dream of becoming a head coach. April has to decide if her husband’s dream is her own. Or is being a coach’s wife too much for her to handle? Can their marriage survive the constant tug of war between football and family life? Follow these characters through all the trials and tribulations of a college football season and find out if the Puma can reach their goals and win that elusive championship.

Janelle Alex Ph.D.'s Review:

Wow! What a fascinating story. If you love college sports, especially if you love football, you will easily become wrapped up in Matthew William Nighswonger's fictional story, Down Set Hut: The Untold Story of College Football. Nighswonger shares two stories in one within Down Set Hut. Charlie had dreams of being offensive team captain, and when that dream came to fruition he was ecstatic. Blake Jones had big dreams of being head coach, so when he was offered a promotion to be defensive coordinator he jumped at the opportunity. What Charlie and Blake weren't fully prepared for was the intensity of the added pressure, commitment and responsibility that these new roles added to their already full plates. Charlie had school, a casual girlfriend and his future to consider. Blake had a wife, new son and a big mortgage to take care of. These added pressures and responsibilities brought about new challenges for both of them. The big question for both was whether or not they could make the right choices for their personal dreams as well as for their romantic relationships.

Down Set Hut: The Untold Story of College Football offers you more than just a peek behind the curtains of the trials and tribulations of attaining one's dreams. Matthew Nighswonger gives you a chance to immerse yourself into the experiences of both Charlie and Blake, but he also gives you a chance to grasp what Mary and April, their beloved partners, felt, too. With great detail and intense writing, Nighswonger has written an amazing story that is rarely found. Embrace what college football is really like through Matthew Nighswonger's prose, and Down Set Hut will lead you to never view college football quite the same again.


Matthew is a teacher and coach in Las Vegas, Nevada. Matthew is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, where he graduated from East High. He has a Master’s Degree and teaches college level, AP classes. He played college football at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah and at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. He was team captain and team MVP for both schools. He is married to his wonderful wife, Laurie and he has an awesome son named, Lance. Learn more at

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