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The Chapel of Eternal Love: Fictional Vegas Wedding Tales

The Chapel of Eternal Love
Fictional Vegas Wedding Tales
 Makes for a great gift for the holidays :)
Stephen Murrary
Book Description:
Known for its lavish hotels and casinos, beautiful showgirls and sumptuous buffets, Las Vegas is home to an abundance of wedding chapels. Follow Rosemary, the wedding organizer, and Buster, her dachshund with a nose for matrimony, as they guide you through the fictional stories of The Chapel of Eternal Love. Witness a Harley-riding love affair and a May-December romance. Meet a widow and widower who encounter each other at a cemetery and an Iraqi veteran and his anti-war activist bride. Walk down the aisle with two lost souls who find hope and a couple with differing religious backgrounds finding faith. Share the poignant, moving and occasionally humorous tales of the young and old, first-time sweethearts and long-lost loves. Discover the joys, sorrows and journeys that led each of them to The Chapel of Eternal Love.

Janelle Alex Ph.D.'s Review

Ever wonder why someone gets married in Vegas in a little wedding chapel? Well, Stephen Murray has filled his book, The Chapel of Eternal Love, with fictional wedding tales set in a Las Vegas chapel. The fascinating characters in the story give you some insight into what might be going through the couples' hearts and minds. Murray has a way with words that easily expresses the individual emotions and depth of love of his fictional couples. He kicks off the story sharing a bit of background on the chapel as well as who founded it. Then, he moves forward by sharing the deep love the current owner continues to have, even after two decades, for this charming and beautiful spot to join together those in love. The stories, as well as the ages, religions, and backgrounds of the couples in The Chapel of Eternal Love gracefully move from one end of the spectrum to the other. Yet, what really got me is how quick and easy it was to grow emotionally attached to each and every character in The Chapel of Eternal Love. It is amazing how Murray is able to enrapture readers so swiftly. Readers will long for the sequel as the curiosity to know what becomes of these adorable, powerful, sweet, and delightful characters is quite compelling.

Elegantly written, The Chapel of Eternal Love offers readers the chance to embrace a vast expanse of love and loss from a bird's eye view. Hands down, Stephen Murray has created a series of beautiful love stories that flow gently from one to the other. On top of that, there is an interesting perspective that has, perhaps, a metaphysical feel as Buster, the chapel owner's little dog, always seems to know which couples will have a harmonious love and which ones may not. Buster adds an extra fun little piece to the stories within the story. Stephen Murray's The Chapel of Eternal Love is riveting in a way that will have your heartbeat swaying as gently as flower petals in a warm summer breeze. It is a must have for your romance library!

Stephen Murray was born in England and raised in different countries throughout Southern Africa. Upon completion of his high school education, he returned to England before moving to California in 1976. He has traveled extensively throughout the world. Stephen owns a computer software company. Apart from traveling and writing, he enjoys theatre, concerts, music, reading and current affairs. Stephen is currently working on a sequel and is also nearing completion on another work of fiction – a murder mystery. He makes his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he has lived since May 2003. Learn more at

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