Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Paycheck Investor's : Personal Finance

Jo had always dreamed of being a successful investor. Sadly, luck, the economy and poor planning derailed his dream, and set him on a path of mundane 'sameness.' Fortunately, that all changed when he bumped into Sally: an old friend with an eye for numbers and a brain for finances. The two soon started a weekly conversation that has spilled over into this book - a conversation that can help you get control of your finances, now. 

This conversation was life-changing for Jo, and it will be for you as well. With easy-to-understand math and simple steps, this book breaks down the basics of our daily finances - and how to get control of them. From grasping our spending habits, creditworthiness, interest debts and our financial situation, Sally covers it all. Needs, Wants, Savings: there is a place for all of it in our lives, yet most of us don't really know what place that should be. 

As the old saying goes, knowledge is half the battle - this book will arm you with that knowledge, and the skills, to win the rest of the fight. Jo is well on his way to conquering his daily financial struggles, and with this guide - you will be, too

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