Thursday, April 14, 2016

Paradise Dreams

Is there truth in love at first sight? This question haunts the minds of guarded strangers, Melanie Harris and Kendall Myers, who are briefly linked in each other's arms during a holdup at an ATM. As quickly as they meet they are separated wondering -- maybe hoping -- against the odds of seeing each other again although an ocean apart. Was their encounter a chance to love again, or was it all a dream?
Melanie Harris returns to the United States after recuperating from a tumultuous marriage, to care for her aging parents and maintain her writing career. During a visit to she is robbed and before her attacker can pursue his other interest in her, Melanie is rescued by a handsome stranger. In the ensuing chaos, they are separated, leaving her to wonder if she will ever see him again?
Kendall Myers, handsome bachelor and owner of the fabulous White Sands Villas in Ocho Rios, spends life focusing on his business, his precocious eleven-year-old daughter, and his doting Aunt Beth. On a business trip to New York City, he rescues a beautiful woman from a robbery, but before he can learn her name, she runs away, puzzling both Kendall and the police.
Paradise Dreams offers readers an inside view of two people who learn that it takes endurance, patience and forgiveness to regain faith in opening one's heart to love.

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