Monday, May 16, 2016

Turning Fat Into Love - 4 Star Award Winner

4 Stars
Pauline Kerkhoff
If you struggle with your weight, you know that most weight-loss programs focus on getting more exercise or following a strict, high-maintenance diet. The problem is that changing habits from the outside just doesn’t last for most people. In Turning Fat into Love, Dutch dietician and nutritionist Pauline Kerkhoff explains that it is impossible to become happier and healthier by depriving yourself or judging yourself, but that love will transform you from the inside out. By learning how to take care of yourself first by “supersizing your heart” and “growing your brain,” Kerkhoff’s proven, transformative weight-loss program will equip you to lose not only your physical weight but your emotional and spiritual weight as well—and keep it off for good.
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Pauline Kerkhoff takes readers on a quick exploration of the importance of healing their emotional and spiritual selves in order to create a healthy physical self.  Turning Fat into Love: Downsizing Your Body by Supersizing Your Mind & Heart has three sections starting with Kerkhoff’s personal story.  One of her first major challenges was being diagnosed with MS at a young age, but she overcame that hurdle.  However, as she grew into a career as a nurtitionist and dietician, she came to a point that she realized she wasn’t walking her talk.  The pounds were adding up, and she recognized that she needed to experience self love and stop letting eating be a crutch.  The second section is a how to section with practical tools as well as spiritual tools with a metaphysical approach to develop self love and stop using food as a void filler.  The final part of Turning Fat into Love focuses on the benefits readers can reap when they take this message to heart.  In fact, the final chapter expresses clearly that you can “change the world, but [you have to] begin within.”  
Even though Turning Fat Into Love is only 5 chapters long, it’s very nicely laid out.  Colors are infused throughout the book to highlight important pieces and gives an overall aesthetic appeal.  Kerkhoff embraces the concept that there is great importance in connecting to one’s emotional self and spiritual self as well as one’s physical self.  She gets the point across that just dropping pounds and focusing solely on the physical body will not make for a permanent change. Instead, she expresses that making these changes and developing self-love should be viewed as a practice.  With that being said and with no pun intended, Turning Fat into Love: Downsizing Your Body by Supersizing Your Mind & Heart needs more meat and potatoes though.  It has a lot of great information, but it left me hungry for more.  It’s a great to start to what could be a very beneficial and wonderful book.
Reviewed by Rob Alex

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