Friday, August 5, 2016

Self-Care For Hairdressers - ATAI 4 Star Award Winner

Contrary to popular belief, hairdressing is a very stressful job. Hairdressers are trusted to help people with their image and help them feel better about themselves. I meet hairdressers all over the country who work really hard, yet they have lost their way creatively or are burned out and unhappy, wondering if they should do something else to make a living. They make very little money, and they move from salon to salon, hoping the next position will be better. Hairdressers do all sorts of things to control the anxiety, depression and anger in this very demanding career choice. This book focuses on what they don't teach you in beauty school. 

In these pages, you'll discover: 
--Why many stylists leave the industry, burned out and underpaid, even though they may be booked in the salon. 
--Why a lot of stylists are exhausted and losing sight of their hopes and dreams for their life. 
--What they don't teach you in beauty school. 
--Ways to manage stress, recognize the signs of burnout, start to dream again, and reconnect with your purpose, joyfully discover the professional that you were meant to be, and make the money you deserve. 

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