Friday, September 9, 2016

Blood On The Table

This dystopian future rests on a powder keg of violence, oppression, lies and greed. 
Controlled by the faceless elite, those lucky enough to avoid life in prison, live their days steeped in fear of tomorrow. Jackson Elliot and his older brother, Isaac, were not so lucky. Swept into the system ten years ago, they have spent the last decade surviving behind the concrete walls of Sidney prison, hidden from the life outside and the cataclysmic events that have shaped a world few could recognize.
When a charismatic con man, Robert Ford, finds himself their unwilling cellmate, all their lives begin to change. Suddenly Jackson can see a light at the end of his bleak tunnel and starts to hope that maybe he and his brother can escape this cage of solitude and death. As a plan begins to form and details emerge, they will all face harsh truths and revelations they can never step back from. How far will they go for freedom?
And what of the Republic? The leaders are still in place, still rounding people up for work camps and prison, still crafting their crystal cities and still slaughtering countless in the name of Unity. How far will THEY go? 
BLOOD ON THE TABLE is the first book in a series set in a dystopian society. This first installment takes the reader on a dark exploration through the fractured psyche of a revolutionary.

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