Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Death Angel

When Gabrielle makes a hasty decision, she is thrust out of life and into death. But with her death comes a new life among the people of the Death Angel Society, a realm that lingers between the mortal world and eternity. Memories of her life are all erased, and only snippets of who she is remains in her mind.

Learning the rules of the Society does not come easily to Gabrielle, but she immediately makes an impression on the most enigmatic General of the Society, Sebastian Black. He places her in one of the most coveted positions in the Society, a decision that confounds and angers many of her new coworkers, but she quickly proves her worth when she uncovers a discrepancy that greatly concerns all the Generals of the Death Angel Society. 

Gabrielle vows to make the best of things, despite trying to balance a budding romance, encounters with grotesque creatures, and the struggle to find answers to the mysteries of her former life.

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