Sunday, September 25, 2016

Still Time To Get Into This Mastermind Group for Authors

Creative Author Marketing Mastermind

Being an author is exciting! However, maybe you…

already know you need help learning how to promote it  
Or…you struggled to promote the last one, 
and want a community to help support you this time

Do you have one?

The truth is that you need one!  There a lot of moving parts when it comes to creating a solid, powerful, yet fun, marketing strategy.  But, you don’t need to freak out or throw your hands up in the air. And, if you think that you can just hire a publicist to do it all is a mindset you should reset.  *Please note that there are amazing publicists out there and wonderful publishers who can really help you (their connections can be very helpful), but you can’t expect them to just do it all for you! 

    Are you at a loss?  You just don’t know where to start?
    You’ve been trying and nothing’s really working?
    STOP trying to do it all by yourself!
    We’re here to break things down for you and walk you through it!

    Join the Creative Author Marketing Mastermind and become part of a community of authors that will

    • support one another
    • cheer each other’s successes
    • share new ideas
    • brainstorm together
    • get excited over outside-the-box thinking
    • offer tips and advice
    • be there for you before, during and after your release(s)
    Even more, you’ll get…
    • laser focused personal coaching every month
      • monthly conference calls – everyone gets the opportunity to get personal coaching from Rob and Janelle (and feedback from other members) on one specific question/concern
      • if you have to miss a live conference call, you can send in your question and we’ll talk about it and ask for input from other members
    • a secret Facebook group just for Mastermind members
      • Facebook Live mini-trainings with a power-tip from Rob and Janelle 2x/month in which we really break things down step-by-step for you  **You can always watch the replay if you miss the live.  Either during the live or after you can ask questions, comment, etc.
        • During these trainings Rob and Janelle will go over things like: defining your ideal readerdefining your overall goals for your books and specific goalsdeveloping a one sheet, creating your media kit, the best way to use social media to YOUR benefit, and so much more
    • ask for feedback from your fellow mastermind members and from Rob and Janelle
    • no need to travel – you can do this from anywhere
    • maximum of six mastermind members scheduled to speak on each conference call to help ensure personalized attention
    Six-month Mastermind (officially launching October 1, 2016)

    Click here to get more details. 

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