Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Shiva Syndrome

Alan Joshua
Science Fiction/Paranormal
Science clashes against spirituality in this fascinating science fiction story by Alan Joshua. The SHIVA Syndrome will take readers on a metaphysical journey alongside the main character, Beau Walker. A researcher of parapsychology and a professor, Beau was kicked off of a government project as somewhat of a scapegoat. However, the project he was working on has caused a crater to appear in Russia. This isn’t just any crater. In fact, an entire town and all of it’s people simply vanished into a mile deep hole. Beau’s knowledge and expertise is now of great use to the government, and they basically force him into helping them. What they don’t know is that there’s more to Beau than meets the eye. He has supernatural abilities from being psychic to his uncanny ability to heal others. This is something he’s kept hidden and even rejected after a tragic event involving his sister. Yet, it’s vital that he help discover the cause of the devastation in Russia while protecting humanity.
Alan Joshua does a good job of giving readers a very interesting story while really building strong characters. Yet, there was so much information in regards to religions and spiritual traditions that I believe a lot of readers may feel bombarded. Without some grasp of these various belief systems, readers may feel lost or have to go back and reread some sections. Also, throughout The SHIVA Syndrome the story often jumps to a shamanic-like journey of Beau’s. These sudden jumps were confusing at times. Even so, The SHIVA Syndrome has a wonderful spiritual message around seeing what we believe in or in seeing what we know. Overall, Alan Joshua’s The SHIVA Syndrome allows readers to dive into a metaphysical, yet scientific, read that will have them curious until the very end.
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