Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Everett File: The Gooey Gospel of Truthy Goodness

The Everett File: 

The Gooey Gospel of Truthy Goodness 

The Everett File: (The Gooey Gospel of Truthy Goodness) is a contemporary satirical novel of biblical proportions—and distortions. Two lifelong friends, a former seminary student and his eccentric homeless cohort must decipher the cryptic message of a dying man’s last words before serious harm comes to a revered international figure. On their surreal adventure, they unearth centuries old mystical secrets, have conversations with a dashboard Jesus, dodge the FBI, uncover the mystery of what really happened to Marilyn Monroe and possibly begin the unraveling of established religion as we know it. Irreverent and often hilarious, The Everett File carries on in the quirky tradition of works by Kurt Vonnegut and Christopher Moore. Other Amazon books by Steven A. Moore include Rainbow Bud: A Rock 'n Roll Tale.

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