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Books of the Week - June 11, 2017

Featured Books of the Week - June 11th, 2017

Break Sugar Cravings or Addiction, Feel Full, Lose Weight: 

An Astonishing Essential Oil Method (Sublime Wellness Lifestyle Series Book 3)

Are you overweight, and sugary foods or drinks your downfall? Do you have sugar cravings, overeat and never seem to feel full? Do you want to lose weight and take back control of your body and your health?  Are you pre-diabetic or diabetic? This book will help you cut sugar out naturally, with a proven technique.Get your ACTION PLAN and easy-to-follow instructions on exactly what to do.

Sugar fires up the same addiction area of your brain as heroin, crack or nicotine!  This technique goes to that part of the brain to work naturally for you.  Yes, many people are addicted to sugar and don't even know it.

I also explain EXACTLY what sugar is doing to your body (whether or not weight is an issue) and how we've become such a "sugar nation". 
Get enlightened on the subject now! Free offer of the essential oil tools inside the book as well.

Break Sugar Cravings or Addiction, Feel Full, Lose Weight on Amazon

The Reluctant Debutante 

(Chronicles of the Hudson River Valley)

by Jean Jacobsen

Tragedy. Sacrifice. Love. 

New York City, 1830. Clarissa Tanner is carefree and joyous until the sudden death of her parents. Forced to pay off family debts, she's given one choice: auction off her beloved horses or reluctantly enter 1830s New York Society to face the dreaded marriage market. 
Nicholas is a man on a mission. He is hunting for his missing brother who got mixed up with the wrong crowd at the wrong time. To pay his way, Nicholas takes a position as a dance instructor, providing refresher lessons to the beautiful but distracted Clarissa. 
As Clarissa trains her thoroughbreds and Nicholas continues his search, the two find a connection through grief and movement. With the season looming, Clarissa wonders if she could possibly lose her parents and the man of her dreams in rapid succession. 
The Reluctant Debutante is an American historical romance set in New York's Hudson River Valley in the 1830s. If you like strong female characters, 19th century historicals, and sizzling chemistry, then you'll love Jean Jacobsen's stunning debut novel.

Other Great Books to Check out!  

"Life became complicated for Thierry. Part of the conflict for him was the life he felt he wanted to give to his family, especially his son, but to do it without any or minimal debts. The question(s) for Thierry become how does he do it? What is included in leaving the only surroundings he was familiar with and without making a disturbance to him and his family culture."

Henrietta, the legendary Dragon Slayer of Bleuve, can't face the thought of another kill. She's lost family, friends, and home on her rocky road to fame. But when she's summoned by a king to retrieve the Dragon Stone from the last dragon in existence, she can't refuse.

Darelius - a planet in crisis with its civilisation facing the danger of extinction from a virus to which it had no natural defence. The only hope of salvation lay in a cure derived from the flora of a primitive planet in the Orion System - eighty light years distant. It all began on Balan - a planet at war, and also facing its own apocalypse - hundreds of years in Darelius' past

They say country roads take you home, but for Sean it lead him to love.

Imagine the roman empire set in space and you have the basis for this novel. It is one of those novels that feels like it has been researched well for technical accuracy. It serves as the context for a real human interest story of what is right and what has to be done for duty.

I WANT TO PUT THIS BOOK IN YOUR HANDS Have you ever conducted an Internet search on "how to grow a small business", or asked for information from friends and business connections? Are you a small business owner searching for more success strategies and tactics to implement in your business? Are you buying the latest business books to find solutions? I know that I am! WELL, I WROTE THIS BOOK FOR YOU!

The bar is set high, the load hard to carry. Paralyzed at the chore of being a good example for her younger siblings, Jessica cringes at her sordid life. On the surface, her strength, success, and wisdom are always aglow, but she knows what lies beneath it all. Will they still love and respect her once they know the truth? Can she count on their support through the upcoming trauma? Life is beautiful because they care for each other, until… there is always that “UNTIL”!

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