Sunday, June 4, 2017

Books of the Week, June 4, 2017

Gracen Lowell is on the hunt for a man—but not just any man. He has to be ‘the one’. Her only problem is that no one she’s dated has ever measured up to the charming qualities of her best friend. 

Slade Owens knows no matter how much he loves Gracen, he’ll never be what she’s looking for. And he dang sure isn’t going to stick around to watch her fall in love with someone else. Slade leaving the Owens’ family farm for an out-of-state job should put enough distance between the two to allow him to move on with his life and Gracen to search for her happily-ever-after. 

Gracen knows asking him to stay isn’t fair. Slade thinks leaving her behind is the only thing to do. Inexplicably drawn together, the best friends must decide if they have what it takes to own up to their feelings… before it’s too late.

**Content Warning**
This is a full-length, standalone novel that touches on the topic of domestic abuse. Suitable for ages 18+.

Other Great Books:

by Owen Jones
The Story of Lek, a bar girl in Pattaya, Thailand.  Behind the smile tells of the hopes, fears, aspirations and tribulations of Lek and her friends from the perspective of a fly on the wall.  

by Trish Castelle
What does self-love mean?  How can you be authentically true to who you are if you don't know what your basic needs are?  This self-love guide is about learning how to identify your unmet needs as an introvert and individual.

The story centers on two men: a psychiatry student and a patient that he is interviewing who is locked up for murder. The patient claims alien abduction, and the student soon begins to realize it's not so impossible...

Emerge yourself in a world of magic and adventure as three brave souls venture out in search of pieces of a legendary blade. This is an Epic Fantasy book.

The technology is advanced enough to move between galaxies in quantum time.  But people are still human - or a little bit more

Lured into treason and only narrowly escaping the gallows, Keridwen was desperate to build some kind of life for herself. But between demons bent on death and mayhem, treachery at the very heart of the kingdom, and a prince who had every right to nurse a grudge against her, what were the odds that she could stay out of trouble for long?

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