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Books of the Week - July 8, 2017 - Reading Takes You Places

Books of the Week - July 8, 2017

When a national forest falls under siege by otherworldly creatures, one man finds himself oddly accused and awkwardly embarking on a most fantastical quest. Please feel free to read the reviews on Amazon if you want to know more, personally, we like to be completely surprised when reading books. However, if you still need to know more about the's what one of those reviewers wrote. "Women have been going hiking in a certain unnamed national forest…and vanishing. One these is Park Ranger Park’s ex-girlfriend, which means that when the FBI shows up to investigate the mystery, Ranger Park is top on their list of suspects. When another girl disappears – along with Park himself – and the only clue is the viciously shredded corpse of that girl’s companion, the FBI is certain he is the culprit and pull out all the stops to track him down. But Park has more pressing problems. He has been transported into another world where magic reigns, and he has gotten on the wrong side of a wizard that will stop at nothing to destroy him. But nothing will stop Park from fulfilling his goal to find the missing women and bring them back – not golems, trolls, deadly shape-shifters, mischievous pixies, let alone the human denizens of this strange new world."

Captured by pirates and forced to labor aboard a filthy and disorganized ship, Joshua Crammer became a needed addition to the crew as a navigator. Through guile he extricates himself from the pirates to take three Spanish ships to their rightful owners, who put him in charge of a masterfully well built and heavily armed ship. Its purpose is to eliminate supplies bound for Napoleons troops. Defeat of Napoleon and the coronation of the rightful king will bring Spain stability. Treachery by the royal court of Spain threatens Joshua and the crew of his ship. Can a single ship survive against a multitude of ships and political forces set against all who are viewed as enemies of the crown of Spain, which Joseph Bonaparte hold with the threat of his brother. Joshua can only succeed if he uses tactics considered to be not chivalrous and cruel. He must overcome more than just Pirates in his quest to return to his home in America.

Wealthy Beverly Hills socialites, Brian and Sylvia Sinclair, are celebrating their 25th Anniversary on a cruise from London to New York on the luxurious QEII. Joining the couples joyous excursion is their rebellious daughter and her controlling husband, their scheming son and his wily girlfriend, six of their longtime friends, and a surprise person from their past. Also on board is private eye Richard Manning, who volunteers to investigate when a member of the party dies an unnatural death. Manning’s search reveals dark secrets and everyone becomes a suspect. Ferreting out the truth is a daunting challenge, and time is short – once the ship reaches New York, the parties will scatter, making it almost impossible for authorities to solve the case. Will Manning figure it in time? Follow him on his quest to unmask the killer this captivating mystery.

More great books to check out!

Vanity's Price Tag
Anthony Custode Jr
Jackson is a sophomore in college and has had a problem controlling his weight. Because of this, his self-confidence has suffered. It gets worse for him when he catches his girlfriend, Veronica, in bed with the quarterback of the football team. Jackson is hurt, but he finally decides to do something about his insecurities. Jackson turns to his brother, who is home from a military assignment, for tips on how to manage his weight. Soon, Jackson begins to see progress in his appearance and his self-confidence also starts to get higher. But as Jackson continues to progress, he becomes obsessed with his appearance and his moral vision starts to blur. This sexually graphic novel explores the dangers of our superficial tendencies and lack of accountability for our actions as a species.

Elven Dwarf 
(Dwarves of
Norhar Book 1)
by Amanda Redhead and Craig Petillo

Born to a sturdy Clan of Dwarves, and fated to be raised by Wood Elves, Alluria must overcome an evil presence to get her happy ever after.

Confessions of a HouseWife: 
Things aren't always as they seem Vol.1
by Barbra Spencer

Ever looked at a housewife and admire her seemingly perfect life? Hard working husband, who seems flawless in every way, well mannered, happy kids and a beautiful woman who has it all figured out. Have you ever wondered what happens when the doors are closed? Step into the world of this happy housewife and see what goes on when no one is looking.

The Jesus Man
by Keith Anthony Baird

A work of dark fiction wherein a colony ruled by a brotherhood of priests are fighting for their lives, their souls and their faith in the end time.

What You Make It
by Theresa Troutman

Life's What You Make It is Breakfast at Tiffany's meets The Prince and Me. Set in the 80s it's the perfect blend of bad decisions, reckless abandon, mounting passion, and perfect love.

Un-Holy Grail
by Keith Holmes Jr.

Un-Holy Grail is a sci-fi/fantasy action book that takes place in the year 2068. The story details an epic struggle between Jonathan Cain, the hunt for the grail, his father, and the Hunters.

Inseparable 1
by Renata W. Müller

A Sport Romance Like No Other. Torn between doing the right thing and following their hearts' desire.

Voyage to Venning Road
by Margaret S Goldthorp

A tale of enduring love, a guilty secret and ultimate tragedy, set in Colonial Malaya and post-Edwardian England and based on a true life story. Described by one reviewer as a brilliant blend of fact and fiction.

Unlikely Love
by M.J. Perry

I'm used to bailing my sister Ruby out of trouble, but this time I'm completely out of my depth.
One night while out looking for her, I find James instead...

Gone Daddy Gone
by Cheryl Bradshaw

A single moment is about to change Sloane Monroe's life forever ...Who is this man, and why is he carrying a gun?

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