Friday, July 21, 2017

Park Ranger Park

When a national forest falls under siege by otherworldly creatures, one man finds himself oddly accused and awkwardly embarking on a most fantastical quest. Please feel free to read the reviews on Amazon if you want to know more, personally, we like to be completely surprised when reading books. However, if you still need to know more about the's what one of those reviewers wrote. "Women have been going hiking in a certain unnamed national forest…and vanishing. One these is Park Ranger Park’s ex-girlfriend, which means that when the FBI shows up to investigate the mystery, Ranger Park is top on their list of suspects. When another girl disappears – along with Park himself – and the only clue is the viciously shredded corpse of that girl’s companion, the FBI is certain he is the culprit and pull out all the stops to track him down. But Park has more pressing problems. He has been transported into another world where magic reigns, and he has gotten on the wrong side of a wizard that will stop at nothing to destroy him. But nothing will stop Park from fulfilling his goal to find the missing women and bring them back – not golems, trolls, deadly shape-shifters, mischievous pixies, let alone the human denizens of this strange new world."

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