Thursday, August 31, 2017

SIZZLE: Be a HOT Date for a Perfect Mate

Sizzle: Be a HOT Date for a Perfect Mate
by Terai Koronui

Getting out into the 'Singles Mingle' isn't easy at any age. It's like jumping onto a 'minefield,' place a foot wrong and you'll get your confidence 'shot' down, your 'self-worth' detonated to bits, your resolve to DATE again 'smashed' up!

SIZZLE - Be a HOT Date for a perfect mate will help you navigate that minefield with finesse, even if you have baggage; feel too old, overweight, have children, no fashion-sense, strapped for cash, failed at relationships or never, ever told you were HOT before! 

It is every Woman's 'Bible' to overcome the emotional, mental and physical anxieties and confusion of dating again after a relationship breakup, or divorce. It's the 'shot' of confidence every woman looking for 'new' love needs, to get out of the house and mingle with other singles!

You will learn:

  • 20 SIZZLING Hot Tips to help you feel, look and act like an attractive, confident, desirable woman
  • 10 SIZZLING facts about a HOT Date - see how you measure up!
  • 12 stereotypes men have about women they meet. I call it the 'DIRTY DOZEN' - it's not all bad either...
  • How to deal with the contentious issue of who pays for dinner? - Chapter 8
  • 'To SHAG or not to SHAG? - Not sure? Chapter 11 will help you make that choice
  • To tune your 'energy' to love. It's a 'thing', and very potent for attracting 'Mr Right' or 'Mr Wrong’’ - it’s your call
  • 5 'best' ways to connect with a person of 'interest' without speaking
  • What's HOT and What's NOT
’SIZZLE’ is for women who WANT to be Queen of her domain and is proactive about getting what she wants including 'choosing' HER man, rather than being chosen. When a woman of this calibre picks a man; he will consider himself very LUCKY! 

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