Monday, September 4, 2017

Rainbow Bud: A Rock n Roll Tale

Rainbow Bud: A Rock 'n Roll Tale follows the antics of Sonny Adams, a singer-songwriter, at the end of the seventies and his career. Sonny happens upon an offbeat mountain community of hipsters after they hire him for what will become his last live gig. After too much self-indulgence, Sonny is convinced to spend the night and soon has an intimate encounter with a dead female rock star, chases a ghostly serial killer and falls for a beautiful redhead named Dandy, who he feels he may have met in another life. Sonny also learns that this eccentric communal group of Rainbow Falls may have found a way to jump back in time to relive the past, with the help of their unique rainbows. Rainbow Bud is an amusing and irreverent adventure that will transport you back to an age when free love and a rock and roll lifestyle were still the order of the day for some. 

Rainbow Bud: A Rock ‘n Roll Tale is written in the quirky tradition of works by Christopher Moore and Tom Robbins.

Other Amazon books by Steven A. Moore include The Everett File: The Gooey Gospel of Truthy Goodness.

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