Saturday, January 13, 2018

Consort In Blood

Consort In Blood: 

An Eternal Love (A Love Eternal) (Volume 1)

Twilight for grown-ups. Love, desire, lust and need amidst a war for the throne of the Vampire Queen. Can the lovers prevail over the one's who would destroy them? Extract Chapter One She didn't need to touch him to know his skin would be warm. She merely had to look at him to tell because he exuded heat. His hair was black as coal and softly curled around under his ears just the way she liked. He was tall, over six feet and broad of shoulder with narrow hips. Even from across the foyer she could sense his strength. He was like a cat waiting patient and still. Once she had seen him all the others attending the theatre that night faded from her field of vision. Only he remained. His presence was compelling in a way she could not understand. She watched him intently for several minutes then, with her heart pounding, she walked towards him. He returned her stare with equal intensity. His eyes were blue like a winter sky surrounded with long, thick lashes through which he looked at her as though he knew everything about her. At that moment, she knew she would let him do whatever he wanted with her.

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