Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Two sisters have a tough upbringing in this romantic novel that travels from the depths of despair to the highest of hopes. The eldest sister, Emily, moves to New York to get away from her abusive father, but travels back to her hometown to pick up her younger sister, Sarah, after their mother's death. Emily had dreams of becoming an actress, but when that didn't happen, she became a waitress. Sarah becomes best friends with Amber and they started taking drugs. When Amber ends up dead, Sarah lands in rehab. Emily falls in love with a man named Caleb. After Sarah's return from rehab, Caleb takes the sisters to his parents' ranch in Wyoming, where they meet a very special horse named Hope. Sarah falls for Kyle, a boy who works on the ranch. But everything is thrown into a tailspin when Emily becomes deathly ill. Caleb, Emily, and Sarah travel back to New York, where Emily is diagnosed with leukemia. After starting chemo, Emily tells Caleb that she wants to be complete with Hope. In the next few months, being with Hope means everything to Emily. How this horse gives inspiration to others provides the foundation for this stirring novel. Taryn Feldmann grew up in South Africa in a town called George. "I moved to Australia in 2012 and now I'm living in Adelaide, Australia. The unique thing about South Africa is the different cultures and the eleven different languages." A student at the University of South Australia, the author is studying journalism and creative writing. She wrote this story in honor of her late grandfather.

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