Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I-Proclaim Annual Book Award

Call for Entries for i-Proclaim Annual Book Award (i-Proclaim ABA-2018)!

The 2018 i-Proclaim AWARDS FOR BOOK PUBLICATION is now open and ready for entries!

We'd like to invite you to be one of the entrants in i-Proclaim ABA-2018, by using the link below to our secure i-Proclaim Entry Site:
ENTER i-Proclaim ABA-2018 (aba.i-proclaim.my)

Entry submission online is pretty straightforward, as is the online entry form. But if you'd like more detail on each step, please see the guideline details at https://ara2018.weebly.com/aba-guidelines.html.

You'll also find more background information and FAQs at i-Proclaim Award Page.


TMN Bukit Angkasa,
Off Pantai Dalam,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Email: support(AT)i-proclaim.my 
Web: http://aba.i-proclaim.my

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