Saturday, April 7, 2018

Jay and the Americans

Call it fiction and folks question what's real. Call it biography and they question what isn't. Jay and the Americans is the [mostly] real life of Jay Wicks; a fictional memoir, so to speak, of mid-century Los Angeles – palm trees and Beach Boys, tract homes and the California sun. Jay's mother is a backup singer for A&M Records addicted to pain meds. His estranged father paints rock 'n' roll billboards on the Sunset Strip. With each new chapter our hero grows and matures, but despite his disappointments, he never loses that sense of awe, the wonder of life despite it all. Yet mostly, Jay and the Americans is the story of a son, his part-time father and a reconciliation that takes a lifetime. It’s a novel for baby boomers who experienced the Kennedys, The Rifleman and Apollo 11, but more it captures one’s coming of age, and just how often that sucks.

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