Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Gabrian Shadwell is one of the most lethal and powerful supernatural beings on earth.

Her blood, one part silver mage and the other Vampire, is an unstable and hard to control combination of supernatural gifts that would test even the most knowledgeable of souls.
The Problem is…She has no idea she even has it.
When her magic surfaces and makes its claim on her, Gabrian loses control of her life and becomes a danger to everyone around her. The world she knows turns upside down and fills with chaos. 
Stubborn and hell-bent on getting her life back, she makes a deal with a smooth tongued devil who claims he can help her gain control. But she soon learns the cost might be higher than she could ever imagine. 

GREY is the first book in The Covenant of Shadows, a series of captivating urban fantasy novels.  If you like new twists on Vampire lore, a bit of romance, and close-knit bonds, then you will love Kade Cook’s supernatural journeys.

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