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Book of the Week - October 7, 2017 - Weeds in Nana's Garden

Featured Books of the Week
October 7, 2017

Heaven Scent
by Virgina Alison

Blown in on the breeze from the woman who haunts his dreams, the scent of jasmine drives the cowboy to the brink of insanity in first book of a compelling trilogy set in modern day Texas.

When the lovers manage to be in the same place at the same time, their lives are overshadowed by the entrepreneur, Jethro Riles, who has his sights set on buying Creek Ranch along with the entire town for his own gain no matter what the cost.

Encompassing strong family bonds within a powerful, yet light hearted and erotic, romantic saga, from the first lost note and missed telephone call, Evan and Ginny fight against the odds to find their own little piece of heaven.

However, fate conspires against them as they rush headlong towards their destiny, which waits just around the corner, over the hill...

Troy's Possibilities
by Rodney Strong


For Troy Messer, time travel is great on TV, but it’s not reality. Troy is afflicted by a condition that lets him live out different futures – lots of them. Jaded by all these possibilities, he drifts from day to day never knowing if what he’s living is real life or just a possible one.

When he first meets Cat, it’s not even close to love at first sight. She pepper sprays him and steals his phone. But then he meets her again, and again. Finally, he becomes convinced that this funny, crazy, woman might be just what he needs.

But in his strange world of possibilities nothing is straightforward.

Weeds in Nana's Garden
by Kathryn Harrison

A young girl and her Nana hold a special bond that blooms in the surroundings of Nana’s magical garden. Then one day, the girl finds many weeds in the garden. She soon discovers that her beloved Nana has Alzheimer’s Disease; an illness that affects an adult brain with tangles that get in the way of thoughts, kind of like how weeds get in the way of flowers. As time passes, the weeds grow thicker and her Nana declines, but the girl accepts the difficult changes with love, and learns to take-over as the magical garden’s caregiver. Extending from the experience of caring for her mother, artist Kathryn Harrison has created this poignant story with rich illustrations to candidly explore dementia diseases, while demonstrating the power of love. It is a journey that will cultivate understanding and touch your heart. After the story, a useful Question and Answer section is included. 20% of the proceeds from the purchase of this book will be donated to the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The Alzheimer Society is Canada’s leading health charity for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

More great books to check out!

The Last Portrait
by Deborah Nelson

It was a week and a-half before Christmas. My daughter, Monique Nelson, had just finished having her annual holiday portrait taken with her two year old son, Jayden at a one-hour photo shop on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento. After the photo-shoot, they stopped in at Fly Cuts & Styles barbershop next door, where Jayden often got his hair cut, to get gum from the 25¢ gumball machine and to say hi to the barbers before heading home. Just as Monique was buckling little Jayden into his car seat, what police described as “a massive firefight” broke out between two rival gangs who happened to also be at the barbershop. Monique instinctively draped her body over her baby to protect him. One bullet smashed through the window of her Chevy Tahoe and into her body.

Six other people were injured in that maelstrom. Jayden survived. But Monique did not. She died in her baby’s lap. Six people were subsequently arrested and charged in Monique’s murder.

I had recently taken a health-related, early retirement from a successful career as an elementary school principal. My three children had grown to be wonderful, independent young people with gifts and talents of their own. But immediately after Monique’s violent death, I found myself spiraling into the Black Hole of grief—an unimaginable place that too many American mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents and other family members, friends, and a lovers all too often find themselves. I thought I had a way out when I focused my energies on the task of raising the child of my child, which was Monique’s wish as expressed in her will. But that carpet of comfort was pulled out from under me when Jayden’s father appeared to reclaim the son he had not previously known—and won the custody court battle. The spiral into unabated heartache only deepened. And then my faith left me.

What do you do when the faith that you were brought up in does not hold up against the grief that is thrust upon you? When you feel abandoned by the very deity you’ve spent a lifetime worshiping? And you can no longer see your way to forgiveness, reconciliation, or even living?

The Last Portrait: A Psalm for Monique is my answer to that question. It is my memoir, a story of life and love, love lost, and a mother’s desperate struggle to fight her way out of the Black Hole of grief and heartache. It is also a memorial to my daughter, Monique.

Getting to Know the Boss
by Sophie Rogers

Emily Weathers managed to overcome the private hell that she was raised in. Putting herself through business school and becoming the personal assistant of Adam Benton, the biggest investment broker in New York. However, her past always seems to find her and she becomes involved with an abusive client of Adam's. When the survivor in her kicks in after a particularly rough night, she runs. Nowhere to go, she sneaks into her boss's apartment thinking he would be gone for a while, giving her time to figure out a plan. Only, Adam does show up and seeing her bloodied and battered he offers a shoulder to cry on. Over the course of the night, they find their attraction outside of work is strong and thus begins a whirlwind affair that they both know will probably crash and burn. Can the spark between them, the unbelievable sex and the feelings of the beginning of something deeper, be enough to fight back when the darkness of her past comes to light?

My Little Red Jalopy
by Leanna Craig LeBato

She didn’t know what Jalopy meant, but her Dad bought it for her! Once she learned how to drive, the adventures began. Cruising with her dog by her side, they made memories of a lifetime in this amazing story based on real life events, My Little Red Jalopy.

Of Time and Sin
by Dennis Swan

The first novel in the Dean and Katie Smyth Mystery Series.

Sometimes, when love and sin are involved, murder may be imperative. The Westover House, abandoned fully furnished 70 years ago, is an antiques lover’s dream for Dean and Katie Smyth. The hidden secrets of the house soon turn those dreams into nightmares when the couple discovers a body at the base of the mansion’s gracefully curving staircase and are pulled into a ring of sex, blackmail, and kidnapping. As they struggle to discover who the murder victim was, the old Victorian house gives up the secret of why the last owner took her children and fled from despair into madness.

He S.A.W. Me!
by Anika Ennett

In He S.A.W. Me, Anika Martin draws from the many challenges that she has faced throughout the past thirty years. The messages in the book is the result of her walk through many dark days, not knowing who she was, the pain of rejection on many levels and a very low self-esteem to a new perspective of how God sees her.

Through Anika’s “Real Talk”, you will learn that she speaks to the everyday woman in a manner that is easy to understand. She takes you through the valleys of her life that many women are afraid to speak of and shows you how to obtain victory, with the help of a friend, Jesus Christ. Anika shows you the different patterns that can lead to failure, but then shows you the path that will help you get out of the vicious cycle of self-destruction and onto the path of positive self-worth. She helps to reiterate how wonderful you are because God made you special and precious in His sight. Women are powerful, strong, nurturing, and talented and it’s time that you recognize your full potential.

Anika helps women to identify weak areas that can contribute to wrong decision making; which in turn leads to additional pain. She wants you to discover your power in Christ and how to live a life of spiritual growth, positive thinking and the power of prayer, which is the ultimate love language of God.

A Ball's Game
by Stefan Mathis

What happens when a talking baseball, rock and roll music, and a baseball game come together. A day filled with fun, laughter, and mayhem. Join Bennie, John, Kevin, the General, and others as they play their "own" major league game. Will one of Bennie's friends spoil the day? This heart warming fictional tale could easily have been named "If the Ball Could Talk." This is Major League Baseball from the Ball's perspective. Cute, funny, and kid friendly. A story that will be loved by all baseball fans and players. Join Bennie in this tale of the most unlikely baseball game ever played. Educational too. Learn how and where baseballs are made, and the most fun ways to get your hands on a Rawlings Official Major League Baseball.

Locked Within
by Kristen Lester

Stopping the Apocalypse wasn't something seventeen year old Jenny Charles had in mind as normal. This is only the beginning; an entry into another realm. A realm mixed with fantasy, uncertainty, and love. Are you ready to enter?

"The others from every corner of darkness in the world awoke, and knew it was time. It was time now, for the era of the wicked."

by R. J. Castille

Leila King leads a difficult life. The turmoil she has found herself in was her own doing, but that did not make it any easier to deal with. Faced with circumstances beyond her control, Leila must find a way to appease her new love, Gordon Roth, yet not lose touch with her strong, female alter-ego, Goddess. At the same time, her concern for her once devoted and obedient submissive pet, Matthew becomes almost more than she can tolerate.

In attempt to distract herself from her chaotic life, Leila frequents the Red Velvet Room, where she can surround herself with like-minded people and embrace her dominatrix side screaming from within to be released. It is a welcome release and escape from the brewing situation with Matthew.

On the run and in hiding for nearly killing Gordon, Matthew’s continuous contact with Leila puts her at risk of losing it all. While Gordon has pledged himself to Leila, Matthew will always have a special place in her world, creating a plethora of obstacles for the couple. When the law finally catches up with Matthew, Leila is forced to take the stand and testify against him, something she never wanted to do.

With the ultimate questions yet to be answered, Leila’s story culminates in a frenzy of head-spinning events that test the strength and resolve of her new relationship with Gordon, and ultimately their futures together. Will his self-professed love and submissive dedication be enough to pull through? We shall see…

The Restaurant
by Bob Segulin

A beautiful quiet Vermont town, an established Restaurant that needs a manager, called Richard’s. A few new people arriving into town. A young, beautiful, seductive woman, and an older seasoned detective, both coming from out west. Put it all together and it becomes murder. Follow the developments of this murder mystery, that will make you guess with each turn of the page, who did it, and why.

Good Debt Bad Debt
by Donnie Masters

Forget the tired and outdated concept of working 40 years and retiring with a 401(k). We live in uncertain financial times. If your dream is escaping the typical work week and living your retirement in luxury then Good Debt Bad Debt is for you.

This guide to a plentiful retirement teaches:
How to change your mindset about money
How to identify good debt and bad debt
How to start buying assets that produce monthly income for you
How to use debt to fund your dream retirement
How to better spend your income no matter the size

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